FILM: “Les Visiteurs” directed by Jean-Marie Poiré (1h 47min, 1993)

DATE & TIME: Thursday, May 18th, screening at 8pm, followed by English cakes and pastries

CINEMA: Cinema Majestic Montmorillon, 52 Bd de Strasbourg, 86500 Montmorillon

TICKETS: €6 - €7



“In the year of our Lord 1122, the King of France, Louis VI Le Gros declared Knight Godefroy de Papincourt Count of Montmirail for having saved his life during an ambush and married him Frénégonde de Pouille. He leaves the scene of the war to find his sweetheart, unfortunately on his way he meets a formidable witch, whom he arrests. To take revenge, she casts a spell on him and Godfrey accidentally kills his fiancée's father with a crossbow throw. Desperate, he goes to find the enchanter Eusaebius who offers him a trip back in time to atone for his mistake. Accompanied by his squire, Jacquouille La Fripouille, both drink a beverage which propels them into 1992. Eusabius was indeed wrong in the dosage. This is the ordeal that awaits them: facing an era incomprehensible to them, trying to communicate in old French with its inhabitants, and above all trying to return home by all means. To do this, they seek to find the Château de Montmirail, the only landmark that may be familiar to them…” – Synopsis 


“Thesps, most of whom have already worked together on stage and/or screen, seem to be having a ball. Lemercier’s physical humor and unique upper-class elocution are particularly funny. Script pokes fun at the ‘everything must be resolved before the stroke of midnight’ tradition. Straight dramatic score and fine production design lend classy counterpoint to the silly proceedings.” – Variety 


Watch the trailer with English subtitles: https://youtu.be/rI44jjsDULY?si=zcQSbztb02lQHJvM


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