FILM: “Les Bronzés” directed by Patrice Leconte (1h45m) in French with English subtitles

DATE & TIME: Saturday, July 20th, screening at 8pm, followed by English pastries and cakes 

CINEMA: Cinema Majestic Montmorillon, 52 Bd de Strasbourg, 86500 Montmorillon

TICKETS: €6 - €7




“1978. Gigi, Jérôme, Christiane, Jean-Claude and Bernard arrive at the same time in a holiday village in Ivory Coast. Bernard comes to meet his wife Nathalie, who has been living in the village for a week already. Popeye, sports leader, Bobo and Bourseault, entertainers, welcome them. Immediately, affinities are established in the small group where everyone has come in the hope of making new conquests.” 

— Synopsis


”As the start of a series of hit comedies, it's promising, as an ensemble cast, it's wonderfully acted, and on its own, it's a cult-classic of French comedy (as 'Cult' -and it's a side note- in the French Dictionary, refers to something so deeply rooted in Pop-Culture that any quote, any character's name, any moment would immediately ring a bell) And the best measurement of a cult-movie's popularity is when people, including myself, knew about the film even before watching it.” — Maruecan

Watch the trailer: https://youtu.be/jaCp-be23D4?si=fIPkko-QZNUDQ_kd


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